Support Me

I love doing what I do, and I love sharing what I create.

I also need to do the usual mundane day-to-day stuff, like, you know, eating.

All this writing and software-creation takes time, energy, and spoons. I am, for the moment, completely reliant on outside help to continue doing what I do - and that includes existing.


There's No Such Thing as Not Enough

No extra money? No problem. Just knowing I'm giving people things to think about, or hope, or ideas is plenty. If you can manage it, and what I'm doing is adding to your life and world - even the tiniest bit - please let me know.

I thrive on knowing that I'm putting good things into the world. Even just a single word "thanks" can matter a lot more than it might seem.

Please feel free to share anything from this site as far and wide as you like. I explicitly try to avoid using advertising or social media algorithms for exposure, so if my work means something to you, and you know someone else who might appreciate it, throw them a link. That helps, too - more than it may seem like it would.


Monetary Support

If you'd like to put some cash behind what I'm up to here, I've got a few options to pick from:


Thanks for being a part of this journey with me!

Travel well.