About Starship Gender

My name is Amelia. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am trans, queer, autistic, invisibly disabled, and many other things.

Starship Gender is my name for an assortment of things. It includes this blog, The Trans Mission Logs of the Starship Gender. It also is a kind of ongoing project of documenting and sharing my own life and work.

This project began in April of 2019 with the most important love letter I've ever written.

More about the purpose and inspiration of the blog in particular can be found in the second-ever entry: Monday, April 29, 2019.


The Dangerous Ideas Vault

In addition to the longer-form blog entries and essay-style writing published here, the Starship Gender project includes a large collection of my assorted non-fiction writings and ideas, organized into the Dangerous Ideas Vault.


More Starship Gender Stuff

You can find my fictional writing here: Vignettes from a Multiverse

This collection includes microfiction, short stories, and speculative tales - sometimes about the world we occupy, and sometimes about the worlds I wish we could.


The SpoonStack Project

SpoonStack.org is a collective project that I started. We are actively building new technology under a radical philosophy I call Disability-Driven Development.