Written Saturday, May 8, 2021

Yes, I am trans.

No, I didn't "transition."

Not the way you want to think of it.


You could say I transformed, perhaps.

I transferred decades of pre-existing experience into a better life, a better existence, a relentless insistence on forging a better reality.

I exist in transit - not from one place to another, but having left behind something less than real, to chase a dream that was more factual than the fantasy I occupied in the material world. I can never reach my destination - but not because it is unattainable. I've already reached so many, and there will always be more.

My body has been transmogrified - the power of science interwoven with the magic of self-knowledge, the undoing of ill-fitting habits and the creation of new ones, authentic and truthful and full of vitality.

Hand me a transducer, I'll make some noise; listen to what I shout to any who will hear me, and be transported into a world that is so much more vast and wonderful and healthy than this one.

The thirst for life is transitive. It cannot stop with me. It will spread. We'll go somewhere lovely, together.

And heed this warning, all you passers by, whose gaze flits past me in the chaos of your day: be careful how long you let your stares linger, lest you find yourself unable to look away - transfixed.