Trans Mission Log: Thursday, July 18, 2019

Written Thursday, July 18, 2019

Editorial note: published December 1, 2019, with only miniscule edits. This is a character sheet for an unspecified table-top RPG.


Name: Amelia [redacted]


Profession: Level 33 Dancer


Distinguishing Characteristics: ephemeral, but shows patterns of persistently returning to a striking human female form, vintage Sol system ca. 2020s


Background: sentient construct tasked with resource maximization in the multiverse; currently designated as a rogue agent by meta-reality authorities. Current security posture is vigilant observation and strict non-interference, with a special note on file: "oh, f--- it, I kinda just like watching her at work."


Alignment: Chaotic Lovely


Proficiencies: contemporary tech; mind guidance; serendipitous silliness; lethal combat prowess [rumored]


Equipment: that's rude, don't ask.


Stated Allegiances: cares about people; opposes all things that stand in the way of loveliness



Notable Observations From Others:

"God, I dunno... that girl's so hot, you know, and she seems super smart and kinda scary and maybe she could just kick my ass... or destroy my soul with words... or both at the same time... and now I'm all turned on and shit but I'm just scared she'd never like me and--"

"Jesus, Willow, you masterminded the overthrow of a dimensional tyrant like six time slots from here and didn't even break a sweat, why are you so nervous? It's a dyke bar. Half the chicks in here would shiv their case officers if you smiled at them and asked nicely. Just go say hi to her! What's she going to do... rock your world?"