Written Saturday, November 16, 2019

Almost seven months ago, I started the series of personal journal entries that would eventually turn into this site. There is a lot I want to do here, but I'm going to start by publishing what I can of the original documents I wrote this year.


There are 55 pages of entries in just one document, and dozens of auxiliary artifacts I want to weave into this as I go. Much of it needs to be scrubbed for sensitive information and I will need to tag content warnings on a huge amount of it - so it will take a lot of time and care.


That said, the first two entries are already back-dated onto this blog and I will be accumulating more as I go along.


The Starship Gender has crossed through a lot of metaphorical portals on the journey so far. There are a few big ones ahead, and the surest way to navigate the universe safely is to know where you've come from, so you can steer towards the future you want to be in.


Stick around. I plan on doing so, and I'm ready to share what I can.