General Social Justice Resources

Weapons of Mass Instruction - information - this book is a short but highly illuminating examination of the compulsory education system and its role in establishing and perpetuating certain kinds of oppressive dynamics, especially (but not exclusively) in the context of the so-called United States. I include it here as an instructive introduction to understanding the roles of institutions in systemic oppression, for those not already thinking along such lines, although that subject is certainly far more expansive than the book could possibly explore in depth.

Self-Defined - actionable - a short but powerful list of terms and symbols that are often used casually, but conceal problematic and oppressive effects. Very helpful for identifying problematic language, especially in organizations and groups, and learning to become aware of ways in which our choices of words can perpetuate harm and oppression.

EthicalOS - actionable - techniques and things to consider when building projects. Aimed primarily at digital technology organizations. I found many of the ideas of this checklist useful when examining my own career as a computer programmer and a director of technology in a software development company. It is not an ultimate or comprehensive list, but it does cover many significant and important concerns.

Micro-affirmations - information - as a counter to micro-aggressions, micro-affirmations are small but important things we can do to support those around us. This is a very broad subject and the linked paper is a very cursory introduction, but looking into micro-affirmations that are requested by various groups of marginalized or oppressed people can be a great way to start improving the lives of those people. This concept is so powerful it can also be useful for improving our relationships with people who are like ourselves.

Right to Be - information - resources for recovering from, working against, and preventing various forms of harassment. Offers trainings for things like bystander intervention to interrupt specific cases of mistreatment.

How Complex Systems Fail - information - this is mostly written from an engineering point of view, but has some very potent insight for understanding failure in social, political, and economic systems as well. Illuminating for those of us seeking to assist certain systems in failing.