Intersectional Feminism and Gender Justice

The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls - information - a truly wondrous book by Mona Eltahawy; explores various facets of patriarchal violence and oppression, and what can be done to counter it. I found it pleasantly inclusive for those of us who are not women but are also directly subjected to violence and oppression by patriarchy. As with many of these resources, this is a phenomenal collection of even more resources and authors to explore - be sure to look into the work of the thinkers she cites, and the rich bibliography.

Article about gamer demographics - information - this is mostly just heartbreaking, but I keep it around as an example of how bad problems really are, and how hard it is to change large systems. This article is from 2014 (8 years before I posted this collection for the first time) and talks about how adult women are the single largest demographic within gaming. And yet, nearly a decade later, women remain severely underrepresented in both games and the companies that make them. This is to say nothing of those of us whose experience of gender is neither male nor female. We all have much work to do.

How to Kill Your Tech Industry - information - another pointed look at how sexism has become rampant in the digital-technology sector, and some of the catastrophically bad results that have come from this trend.

all about love / communion / the will to change - information - this set of three books, all by bell hooks, offers a dramatic departure from the usual rhetoric of control and struggle that appears in much literature about subjects like oppression. By focusing less on the way domination and oppression play out, hooks creates room to think about what could replace it, and how love as a verb must be the foundation of anything we build in the effort to undo oppression of all kinds. These ideas have become truly foundational elements of my own thinking about liberatory efforts and continue to motivate much of my own writing.