Notable Efforts and Organizations

These are various groups and projects that I've found motivating, exciting, and/or generally worth supporting over the years. Many have actionable resources as well, including financial donation options.

Editorial Note: While donation is a worthwhile form of material support, I've chosen to de-emphasize that particular avenue; I'm of the opinion that more good comes about when people put effort into our own learning and direct action for justice, versus sending off some donations to feel like "we helped" - it is far too easy for a donation receipt to become an excuse to not examine our own responsibilities for making things better. For those with the means, I highly recommend exploring mutual-aid networks as a way to both give and make direct, meaningful impacts.

Lavender Rights Project - advocacy organization - this is a regionally-focused initiative that is known to do good work in advancing the cause for Black trans people.

Surge Reproductive Justice - advocacy organization - focuses on bodily autonomy and reproductive justice issues, centering Black women, women of color, and queer and trans people of color.

LGBTQ Freedom Fund - legal advocacy organization - works to free queer people from imprisonment and carceral injustice.

Donation options for over 70 community bail, mutual aid, and racial justice efforts - actionable - organized in the aftermath of George Floyd's state-sanctioned murder by police, this page collects a large list of local efforts for justice, as well as offering a single location to contribute donations to each of them simultaneously by splitting a larger donation.

Solutions Not Punishments - advocacy organization - efforts for justice for Black queer people in the Atlanta area. Trans and queer led.

Black Futures Lab - advocacy organization - a group formed to help shift political power for Black people. Political organizing and mobilization are necessary and vital parts of the struggle to overturn oppression, especially as it remains so thoroughly entrenched in institutions like governments and nation-states.

Black Census by the Black Futures Lab - data for supporting advocacy/research - this is a hard one to summarize, but it's a great example of how respectfully and ethically gathering data about large groups of people can be used to effect real and important change.

TransTech Social - networking/support organization - resources for trans folx interested in working in the digital tech sector.

Rainbow Railroad - advocacy organization - participates in helping queer people escape state-sponsored violence and injustice.

Refugee Trans Initiative - advocacy organization - trans-focused support for those fleeing danger.

Additional organizations, collected by Raquel Willis - information - Black trans-led and Black trans-serving efforts; large list of resources.

Black Girls Code - advocacy organization - teaching Black girls skills for creating and developing digital technologies.

Take This! - advocacy organization - mental health resources and support, with a gaming focus.

Code2040 - advocacy organization - efforts for racial equity and justice within the digital-technology sector.

KultureCity - advocacy organization - focused on accessibility efforts for the invisibly Disabled.

Point of Pride - support organization - financial aid and direct material support for trans people seeking care, especially gender-affirming resources.